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The 25 Best Top Shot Debut Moments by Packrip Ewing: A Blog About NBA Top Shot SIDECHAIN

All you need is a love of basketball and a healthy understanding of supply and demand. The scarcity is somewhat manufactured since NBA Top Shot releases Moments on its website in digital packs via limited events called “Drops.” Drop times vary, so users have to stay tuned for announcements. Like trading cards, Moments are finite, and NBA Top Shot determines how many to release at once. So, getting a Moment that’s 1 in 49 is more valuable than one that’s 1 in 11,000. Like all NFTs, a Moment is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay in the secondary market.

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Neither have weird yucky marshmallows that get mushy after 2 spoonfuls, like how fast do people eat cereal?? I literally just flipped a coin and Honey Nut Cheerios won. If the NBA is at your doorstep and likes an idea you pitched, partner with the NBA! They are genuinely good humans, they have an amazing product (live basketball!), and their reach is global.

I heard this kind of optimism from other enthusiasts I talked to. “I don’t see these prices as a negative at all,” says Steve. In an interview with nft now, long-time NBA Top Shot supporter TSF noted that the project’s massive dip in value was to be expected, given these moves. “Account values shot up exponentially in January and February of 2021, as way more users flooded in than there was supply to satisfy in the short term. […] Constructively, Top Shot has tried to be too many things to too many people at times,” he said. Collecting goes far beyond simply buying and selling your favorite Moment.

A Guide to NBA Top Shot NFTs: Videos Are the New Trading Cards

Whether it’s Marcus Smart listed as jersey #7 when he’s actually #36 or Jameer Nelson’s assist being misattributed as a dunk, mistakes and misprints are always out there. In the Top Shot marketplace, you’ll see either a CC or LE underneath the name of the Moment. CC stands for “Circulating Count” and is the number of editions of that Moment currently in circulation. These Moments can be considered an open edition.

In 2021 alone, the virtual platform had more than 1.1 million registered users who traded roughly $800 million in NFTs. As explained above, the NBA Top Shot platform functions like trading cards. It starts with the NBA licensing its reels and digital art to Dapper Labs. In turn, Dapper Labs uses the footage to create Moments as NFTs. Potential for financial gains aside, those who are truly passionate about NBA basketball and collecting Moments of their favorite players and game highlights have the potential to benefit from the sheer joy of the pastime.

Jesus Shuttlesworth goes the length of the court in Game 1 of Heat’s rematch with the Spurs and hammers it home with authority. The unofficial “Copacabana” Moment of NBA Top Shot, it’s the longest uninterrupted camera shot on the platform and just an absurd series of events. Mitchell blocks LeBron, which sparks a Conley fast break, which eventually leads to a failed alley-oop to Mitchell, which leads to a Rudy Gobert assist to a Mitchell dunk. Buy it if you can afford it or admire it from a safe distance. All of that being said, there are 14 better debut Moments.

The NBA licenses reels to Dapper Laps, who then creates Moments from the footage. Moments are video highlights that have been attached to NFTs. Each has a unique digital serial number that guarantees the authenticity and indicates how rare the Moment is. Moments are the foundation that make up the Top Shot ecosystem. Like physical trading cards, Moments’ value depends on supply and demand.

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The loser is eliminated from the game, and after giving a moment to say goodbye to the rest of the team, leaves the contest immediately. In NBA, which by the way I will absolutely be playing… look out for my sweet, sweet international player showcases, if I get content in packs that I don’t want, I can recoup some of my spend to reinvest in the game. There is even the potential for me to legally make money off NBA assets. This in no way infringes on the NBA’s rights and I can’t commercialize that content, but I can buy and sell.

Like some experts and laymen watching NFTs erupt two years ago, he was skeptical the boom would last, but he also said a more sustainable NFT market of some sort will endure after the initial hysteria passes. What that looks like is far from known today and will require tinkering and development to find the bedrock benefits to retail non-fungible tokens. “We are well capitalized, with a strong balance sheet, multiple years of runway and no outstanding debt. We have no need for additional fundraising, and we continue to invest in each of our products,” Barrick said.

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Creating a Dapper account gives you a wallet that stores funds and enables you to purchase crypto collectibles. When you own multiple Moments, you can then do things like sell, gift, and showcase them (create a collection/album from them). Call or email us today and see how we can help and support you. In 2019 Top Shot Hockey became the Canadian distributor for the Glice eco-friendly synthetic ice products and we have installed and rented hundreds of rinks. We hold auctions and raffles at each tournament where you can enter to win various prizes including gift certificates to local restaurants, golf accessories, range items, and more! Please join us at both of our tournaments to benefit two great charities to help raise money for those who sacrifice so much for us.

How are Top Shot Moments valued?

NBA Top Shot also hosts a healthy secondary marketplace where fans can buy, sell, trade, or gift packs or individual Moments. It’s completely possible that this Moment is the reason people don’t think Lamarcus Aldrige could play defense. I’ve never seen a grown man get undressed in such an embarrasing, public fashion.

In other words, users can trade NFTs that feature anything from a winning three-pointe from Luka Dončić to a dunk from Lebron James, depending on their availability. This should help prevent flooding the market with duplicate products, preventing the sort of market oversupply that was seen in baseball cards in the 1990s. As of September 2021, NBA Top Shot had more than 1 million registered users.

  • Barrick reiterated that in his recent emailed statement, and also said the company isn’t financially affected by the FTX situation .
  • Season 4 premiered on February 14, 2012, capturing 1.8 million total viewers.
  • The price of collectibles in many categories, including NFTs, has seen major spikes higher in recent years.
  • NBA Top Shot also hosts a healthy secondary marketplace where fans can buy, sell, trade, or gift packs or individual Moments.
  • Superstar players run the sales charts, but the first basket/assist of a player’s career will always be a significant Moment for fans of that player.
  • Giannis has so many options to consider it’s hard to even choose, but between his RIB layup, perfect All Star Game performance, or collection of MVP Moves, there’s no way to celebrate his debut Moment.

The entire Heat team is just like “whose man was that!? If you read my article on “Fauxments,” you know I love this play and Moment, for good reason. It’s a slick behind the back pass from half court to a streaking Steph Curry who makes a modern basketball decision and decides to shoot the wide open three instead of taking the layup. It’s technically Steph’s first play on the platform from an age perspective. Bonus points to Draymond staring in disbelief from back court.

Packrip Ewing: A Blog About NBA Top Shot

The possibility of having fun and creating a revenue generating event for myself as a fan is extremely enticing. It fundamentally changes the value the brand brings me as I invest my mind-share and heart-share in basketball. The system operates just like trading cards, except that it combines NBA highlights and digital art.

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In August 2010, History Channel released an ad inviting people to audition for the second season of the show. Advertising began in late December for Top Shot Reloaded as the name for the second season. Cheng was the first openly gay winner of contest.

You can tell even Ben Simmons is thinking “how did the ball get in my hands just now? ” This is just cute and clever and sneaky and the perfect encapsulation of Joel Embiid’s entire personality and vibe. Here are 28 honorable mentions across a few different tiers of debut. Then, it’s time for the real deal, starting with 25, working our way to #1; the best Top Shot Debut Moment. In many instances, the Moments mentioned below are available in Common, Rare, and Legendary sets; I’m not calling out one over the other, it’s just about the play — they’re all great.

They meet later to compete against each other in front of the rest of their team. As with team challenges, the elimination challenge may be a simultaneous competition or separate rounds, with the other player sent away while one player competes. The winner of the challenge reunites with his team and, from Season 2 onward, receives a Bass Pro Shops gift card worth $2,000.

In the case of NBA Top Shot, each NFT represents an individually numbered collectible featuring a memorable video highlight from the league, plus animated visual flourishes. Of the current rewards, Doucet told me that things like game tickets might make the community happy but don’t erase the fact that a lot of people lost money. Doucet figures part of the problem is that the business model for sports is different than the business model for NFTs.

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